1.      In your words define a project. What needs to be considers when developing a project plan?

2.      How would you ensure your project members were clear about their roles and responsibilities?

3.      What type of support could you provide to staff members to enable them to perform their role effectively?

4.      What type of records might you need to keep throughout a project? Name 3 types of reports to be given to stakeholders through the progression of a project.

5.      What would you need to consider implementing a project plan correctly?

6.      What three steps will assist you in getting your project done on time?

7.      What needs to be done to finalise a project?

8.      How would you review a project? Why it’s important?

9.      Give 4 examples of project management tools.

10.  Explain the process of identifying and managing risk in a project.

11.  Why it is important to define organisational mission, goals objectives and operations while undertaking a project?

12.  Outline the legislative and regulatory context of the organisation in relation to project work, including work health and safety(WHS) requirements.

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