Here are your week 3 assignments.  Please try to do as much in your own words as possible.  I will take away points if I feel your work is completely taken from an article or the book.  I want to know what YOUR thoughts are, not someone else’s.  Please proofread your work prior to handing it in so that spelling and punctuation errors are fixed.  I will take off points for this also.  Grammar is an essential piece of your work.  When you’re out on your own working after school,  you will need to communicate with many different types of people and you want to present yourself as the professional you are.
#1:  5 points Write a complete nursing care plan based off of this nursing diagnosis:  Deficient knowledge related to preparation for the hospitalization.  Your patient is a 4 year old boy.
#2:  5 points What is considered a fever in a child?  What medications would be used to control fever?  What non-medication interventions can be done to decrease fever?  Write out a script on parental education that you would tell a parent with a child with a fever.
#3:  6 points Fluid calculation needs in children are based on their weight.  Please figure out the following fluid requirements needed for 24 hours then amount you would infuse per hour.
        a. 8 kg infant
         b. 14 kg toddler
        c.  21 kg child.
For each of these children, what is their weight in pounds?
#4  Here’s some dosage calculations (1 point for each)
       a.  Doctor’s order: Give 125 mg of medication once a day.  Medication label says 1 tablet = 250 mg.  How many tablets should be administered daily?
        b.  Doctor’s order:  Give Tetracycline syrup 150 mg po once daily.  Medication labels says Tetracycline syrup 50/mL.  How many mL should be administered per day?
        c.  Doctor’s order: Meperidine 20 mg IM q4h prn for pain.  Child is rating pain 8/10 based off the FACES scale  Medication label states Meperdine 40 mg/ml.  How many mL would you give for one dose?
        d.  Doctor’s order: Heparin 3,000 units subcutaneously now.  Medication label reals 5,000 units/mL. How many milliliters will be administered for this patient?
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