Preparation Assignment
1. Write a 4 page memo detailing the specific position of your state and the language (specific clauses) you want in the treaty. Attach background information that you plan to use during the simulation to support your state’s position (need at least 3 sources – data/history, etc. that will help you argue your points during the simulation).
A. Specifics to provide:
1. Ratification status (1 page)
a. If your state has signed and/or ratified all of the Geneva Conventions and Protocols and the Torture Convention, and when.
b. Why your state has or has not signed, and/or ratified the Conventions/Protocols (one paragraph).
2. Your state’s position on unlawful combatants and terrorism (paragraphs and bullet points). (2 pages)
3. Specific Clauses/Language that you would like added to the treaty (1 page)
a. Follow the format “Whereas …” – call for specific action in your article including what should be done, when, and by whom.
b. Include a short summary (3 sentences for each) of why your state wants the language included in the treaty
c. Your clauses should define inter alia:
1). how an “unlawful combatant” should be defined
2). how “unlawful combatants” should be treated by states
3). any reservations (plus short explanation) your state might consider adding.
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