I need a 5 paragraph autobiography on the following information 
Jordan Castelao with Jonathan Castelao 16 year old born In Pembroke Pines Florida. 
Enjoy all sports especially football and basket ball. Favorite teams Cowboys and Miami Heat. 
Currently a 9th grader. Went to Broward West but just transferred to Chamber’s High. Chamber’s High is an alternative school in which I have to go to due to covid and me following behind. I am eager to finish my school work quickly so that I can go back to normal school routine for the Fall.  
I enjoy playing PlayStation were I was lucky to be classified top 10 in the world on Madden. 
My best friend other than my twin Jonathan is Hector and Geo they are more like brothers we have known each other since Kindergarten. 
My mom is a single mom and she’s a psych nurse currently working on her Master and I am so proud of her she is my rock. 


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