Your current event for the semester is due by Saturday, June 17th. I will create a discussion board for current events. No student will be allowed to present the same current event article. To reserve your article, you can post a link to your article to the current event discussion board (the first to post the link reserves the article). Different articles on the same issue are allowed. You must review the other posts to avoid duplication. This should provide an incentive to complete this assignment early.
You will need to prepare a short write-up about your article and post on the current event discussion board (approx. 1/2 page). Your write-up should briefly summarize the current event and make a direct tie to accounting via topics discussed in class. Make sure to make a specific connection to our course (preferably citing a chapter or page in the text). I recommend you post the link to the article to reserve it for your use before writing the summary. Once you write the summary, you can edit your original post and add the summary to it.
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