Step #1 – Pick a business problem (pick only 1).You have two choices for how to proceed through this final assignment:

You can pick one of the problems identified below, or
You can develop/identify a problem of your own.Note:if you choose this second option, you MUST fully explain the problem (as in the problems provided) so that a determination of the reasonableness/correctness of your solution can be determined.

Start by answering our three questions à

Who is making the bad decision?
Does the decision maker have enough information to make a good decision?
Does the decision maker have the incentive to make a good decision?

Step #2 – Identify and FULLY EXPLAIN the problem to be addressed AND the source of the problem
NOTE:Simply answering the three questions will NOT fully explain anything.
Step #3 – Given everything you have learned in this course, propose and DEFEND a solution to the problem identified in step #2.

Procedural Issues/Guidelines –
The case analysis will typically be between 3-4 pages in length and must include a complete theoretical justification/defense of your proposed solution.Please be VERY specific in your problem identification and justify the source of the problem.You should pay specific attention to answering your instructorâ€s favorite question – WHY?
DO NOT assume the reader knows the background materials.Your final analysis should be readable (and understood) by any colleague from your workplace.
Treat this final analysis as a policy brief written for your immediate supervisor in terms of format etc.

Note:USI, and the Romain College of Business, follow the A.P.A. Style Manual

Possible Business Problems – Note: These problems are based on real-world situations and borrow heavily from published news stories and academic articles/postings (citations are available).Please do not simply “Google” possible answers (your instructor does know how to follow this path).
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