Part 1: Select one of the six(6)- topics listed in left column in the table below and in 50 words or less Retell a key point of the topic • (ie/ from the corresponding text chapter, describe your understanding of a concept in your own  words) and  
Part 2: in 100 words or less Relate your text topic that you selected to one of the six (6) Amazon  video topics covered in the video and listed in the right column in table below  • (ie/ describe how your topic that you selected in Part 1 applies to the Amazon video topic in Part  2 and finally  
Part 3: in 50 words or less Reflect on the above (Parts 1 & 2) by describing a real challenge you  see • (ie/ share your opinion what you would see as a challenge and what you would do to address  the challenge. 


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