Hi Dear friendi hope you are good. i have an annotated bibliography paper and i need your help with it. i took to my professor and i got my feedback on it so can you help me with that please? Thank u.
here attached my paper and the structure.

also i got my professor feedback on my paper which isThe summaries do need more. You should probably give me about a page and a half for each article – just summary. If it is a research study, be sure to tell me the study design (just a couple of sentences) and the main findings (see the conclusion and/or discussion section – this is the heart of those kind of papers and these sections are usually about 5 pages). The second paragraph of each annotation will want to add information on the audience (look to the audience of the journal). You can also talk about how the article is organized and what types of evidnce the article examines (interviews, samples of student papers etc.). What you ahve is good, we just need more of it.


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