Discussion questions Chapter 7:

  • Explain the rationale underlying the external/internal strategy matrix.
  • Describe program Q-sort. Why would an organization use program Q-sort?Describe program Q-sort. Why would an organization use program Q-sort?
  • As managers learn by doing, what strategies are most likely to change: adaptive, market entry, or competitive?Discussion questions
  • Chapter 8:
  • Explain the linkage between internal environmental analysis and the value-adding service delivery and support strategies. How are the value-adding strategies linked with action plans?
  • Pre-service, point-of-service, and after-service are different for health care than for producing and distributing a tangible product. Explain some of these differences.
  • What is “evolutionary” strategic change?

read the book that I post chapter 7&8

I don’t need an article I need the answer of each question.


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