Answer the following questions based on your examination of the Columbia Sportswear Company 2017 10-K.

Depreciation and amortization recognized (in thousands) by Columbia Sportswear Company for December 31, 2017 was

Which of the following would not be amortized?
Trade name
Customer list

What was the total of Accrued Liabilities (in thousands) for Columbia Sportswear Company as of December 31, 2017?

The accrued product warranties balance (in thousands) recognized by Columbia Sportswear Company for the year ending December 31, 2017 is? 

What categories of commitments and contingencies did Columbia Sportswear Company disclose?
Operating leases
Inventory Purchase Obligations
Indemnities and Guarantees
All of the above

Does Columbia Sportswear Company believe the ultimate resolution of current legal proceedings will have a material adverse effect on their financial statements?

What is the value (in thousands) of the asset retirement obligations for Columbia Sportswear Company as of 12/31/17?

At December 31, 2017, was Columbia Sportswear Company in compliance with all associated covenants related to its domestic revolving line of credit (maturity date of July 1, 2021) ?

What was the amount of Columbia Sportswear Company contributions to their U.S. employees’ 401(k) profit-sharing plan for December 31, 2017?

How much did Columbia Sportswear Company pay (in thousands) to repurchase their common stock during 2017?

Cash dividends paid (in thousands) in 2017 for Columbia Sportswear Company were?

Which earnings per share amounts are reported in a complex capital structure?
Basic and Diluted EPS
Basic and Simple EPS
Basic EPS only
Diluted EPS only

What is the numerator (in thousands) for the calculation of the 2017 Diluted EPS of $1.49?

What is the denominator (in thousands) for the calculation of the 2017 Diluted EPS of $1.49?

What caused the increase in the denominator from Basic EPS to Diluted EPS for 2017?
Dilutive Convertible Preferred Stock
Dilutive Convertible Bonds
Dilutive Stock Options and Restricted Stock
None of the above

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