The police-community relations era was profoundly marked by what piece of federal legislation passed in 1968? (Points : 1)  Crime Bill of 1968  Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968  Drug Control Act of 1968  Law Enforcement Act of 1968Prior to the creation of the United States of America, policing in the young country was handled by: (Points : 1)  fully sanctioned police departments.  no one.  watch and the ward.  night watches and sheriffs.

Question 3. 3. Peel’s Principles stated that the police must be under private control. (Points : 1)

 True  False

Question 4. 4. The era of police and community relations that marks the majority of the United State’s history of policing is the political era. (Points : 1)

 True  False

Question 5. 5. An agreeable definition of community-oriented policing has been created by: (Points : 1)

 theorists.  practitioners.  both of the above  none of the above

Question 6. 6. According to the initiation/response chart, when the police initiate and the police respond, this is scenario: (Points : 1)

 I.  II.  III.  IV.

Question 7. 7. According to past research, who typically initiates community-oriented policing? (Points : 1)

 community  police  city council  both a and b

Question 8. 8. The most typical scenario, according to the research on practical application of community- oriented policing, is that the: (Points : 1)

 police initiate and the police respond.  police initiate and the community responds.  community initiates and the police respond.  community initiates and the community responds.

Question 9. 9. The “ideal” form of community-oriented policing would entail both the police and community initiating the systemic approach and both the police and community responding. (Points : 1)

 True  False

Question 10. 10. The testing of community-oriented policing on a small scale, in a particular neighborhood or business district, is known as the transitional stage. (Points : 1)

 True  False

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