Hi! You did my paper last time and it was phenomenal! I got an A and would love it if you could write my next one due tomorrow! It is  an argumentative essay again over one or more of the readings we have discussed in the past 2 weeks. These are the material/readings we were assigned:
1. Topic: Spinoza on religion, superstisition, and freedom. Reading: Theological Political Treatise- Chapter 4-5, & 12-15.
2. Topic: Spinoza on Democracy. Readings: Theological Political Treatise- Chapter 20. And Political Treatise- Chapter 6 & 11.
3. Topic: Religious toleration. Reading: Locke’s letter on toleration
4. Topic: Divine Right Theory and its critics. Reading: Locke’s First Treatise on Government- chapter 1-2 & 8.

I’ve attached the rubric/guidelines she provided for us that I gave you last time, as well as the essay you wrote last time.


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