Assignment 3: Trauma within the United States
DUE: Sep 23, 2018 11:59 PM
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Assignment Instructions
Over the past decade or so, there have been incidences and situations which have negatively affected large numbers of the population in the United States.
 Research an incidence or situation in the United States.  Clearly explain the incident, the issues involved, and the stress impact on children and family.
Examples of Topics:
Military Family stress
Immigration issues
Water supply contamination
Crude Oil pollution
Civil and voting rights
Environmental disasters
Your choice of topic- (with instructor permission)
Possible Resources
The Watchers (n.d.) Environmental Disasters Retrieved from
FEMA (n.d.) Disaster Declarations by Year Retrieved from
American Society of Civil Engineers (n.d.) American Infrastructure Report Card. Retrieved from
Kenndy, M. (2016, April 20) Lead-laced water in Flint: A step by step look at the makings of a crisis Retrieved from
The paper will be submitted in MS word or RTF format only. None of the questions are to be re-copied into your paper.
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