This assignment covers Modules 1-4. Scan, handwrite answers and upload solutions. Show all required calculations and include any required screenshots from MultiSIM for full credit.
1. Work Problem 3-4, pg. 84.2. Work Problem 3-8, pg. 84.3. Work Problem 4-4, pg. 134.4. Work Problem 4-12, pg. 135. Include MultiSIM screenshot instead of sketch of output waveform.5. Work Problem 5-4, pg. 184. Include MultiSIM screenshot that confirms your calculation.6. Work Problem 5-16, pg. 184.7. Work Problem 6-4, pg. 219.8. Work Problem 6-8, pg. 219. Include MultiSIM screenshot that confirms your calculation.9. Work Problem 6-12, pg. 219.10. Work Problem 6-16, pg. 219.


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