BACKGROUND (This is a fictitious scenario.):
You work for the Division of Information Technology on campus and your boss, Ms. Josie
Barrett, who is new, does not like the way the Universityâ€s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is
written. She wants everyone in your department to learn how to write an effective AUP,
and since she knows that you are taking a technical writing course, she wants you to
prepare a PowerPoint presentation that instructs employees in your department on how to
write an effective AUP.
To complete this assignment, perform the following
A. Read Ronald B. Standlerâ€s “Issues in a Computer Acceptable Use Policy,” especially the “Style” section.
B. Read Chapters 1 – 3 in your Technical Communication textbook.
C. Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation that instructs employees on how to write an effective AUP.

DIRECTIONS: After reading Standlerâ€s article and the required chapters in your textbook, create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation that:
1. Provides a clear definition of an AUP—What is it? (5 points)
2. Outlines the purpose of an AUP. (5 points)
3. Discusses the ethical and legal implications for writing an effective AUP. (20 points)
4. Discusses why accessibility and comprehensiveness are essential characteristics to employ when writing an AUP. You may need to refer back to the Measures of Excellence in Chapter 1—p. 11 to answer this question. (20 points)
5. Outlines a comprehensive and clearly written list of Doâ€s and Donâ€ts for writing an effective AUP. (50 points)
Note: You may quote from Standler as long as you give credit to your source.
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