BUSINESS 312 Forum Prompt: 

This week you will study two important areas that drive the success of any business: scheduling (chapter 16) and Project Management (Chapter 17).  Your discussion forum challenge this week is to find one online resources in each of these areas (for a total of two resources). The resources you choose are to be authoritative, relevant to the subject matter you studied this week, and provide insights beyond what you learned from your textbook readings.  Please, no software or Ad-based resources in this Discussion Forum.

Please hyperlink both resources using the small chain-link button above in the banner above.  First type in a one or two word description of your resource, then highlight it.  Then copy and paste the URL address into the white box that opens when you click on the chain link icon.

These two resources can be either:

(a) a “short” YouTube video that provides an authoritative view of some aspect affecting business (not personal) scheduling or project management.  This video can explain concepts, describe tools, cover methods, or introduce systems


(b) an authoritative Website dedicated to informing and educating readers on scheduling or project management tools, methods, or systems

Once you have found two authoritative resources, provide for the following in your discussion forum:

The presenters bona fides (creds) that caused you to believe the individual or organization is an authority on the subject (you will need to do some research on the individual or organization that provided the resource)

A hyperlink (not just a URL) to the resource

An overview of what this resource added to your learning that may not have been covered in your textbook

Your response this week is also a little different, you are to review two student’s hyperlinked resources and critique what you learned.


Your initial reply to the forum question should be posted no later than Thursday.    Your original post must be a minimum of 275 words 

  2. ECON 201 FORUM
  3. Forum 7: Pricing and CompetitionFILLER TEXT

How would a low-cost price leader enforce its leadership through implied threats to a rival? Provide at least one example of such a strategy.FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXTSubmit your initial post by midnight, Day 3. 

Please, note that a minimum of 250 words for the initial post is required.



Topic FolderForum 5 – Rules of Origin  3

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Why are the rules of origin needed for a free-trade area? How might there be protectionism?FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXTYour initial post is due by day 3 (Wednesday) of the course week and should be at least 250 words in length. 

Forum 6 – Economic Embargo 

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What kind of countries tend to use economic embargo? Do embargoes have a greater chance of succeeding if they are applied gradually rather than suddenly?FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXTYour initial post is due by day 4  of the course week and should be at least 250 words in length. 



The recognition of a state under International Law is a declaration of intent by one state to acknowledge another power as a “state” within the meaning of International Law.  What are the elements of statehood under International Law?  Is the existence of a state dependent on whether it has been recognized as such? Before answering, conduct additional research at the APUS library and online.  



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