1.)Display a stock chart on 1 ppt slide comparing GE’s stock performance during Jeff Immelt’s tenure as CEO to the S&P 500. ( use  and provide a written explanation comparing the two on word.
2.)Then develop 2 slides that explain why, as an investor, you might argue that GE should be broken up given its stock performance since 2001 (i.e. why the whole is not worth more than the sum of the parts). Use the concepts from the readings, and provide a written explanation on word.
3.)Finally, please produce one slide that argues why GE is actually worth more together than apart, despite the lackluster stock performance since 2001 and provide a written explanation on word.
 You Must complete the 4 Powerpoint slides for this assignment and a written explanation for each within
your case analysis on a seperate word document. 

The word document must be around 1500 words. and miust answer each question distinctly
The ppt must consist of 4 slides.


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