Using the samples available within Optimal Resume (under the ‘Letters’ section), and the content from this module, draft a thank you letter template that you can use as a starting point for future professional follow up. This template will be a document that you can customize for each situation in which it is needed. For the template feel free to use text like “DATE”, “NAME”, “EVENT” and “COMPANY” as place-holders for information that will later be customized. Alternatively, feel free to write your letter to a specific individual for practice.
Your letter should include sample text or placeholders for the following information:

Specific mention of what you are thanking the individual for.
Specific mention of the date the event or meeting took place.
Mention of your interest in the potentially available position.
Brief explanation of your relevant qualifications.
Confirmation of the next steps and/or future communications.

Your letter can be in the form of an email, typed formal letter, or handwritten note. Whichever format you choose to practice for this assignment, your draft should adhere to the following criteria:

Standard business formatting and font
One page length at maximum
Addressed to a specific person
No spelling or grammatical errors
A professional greeting and closing
Professional and articulate communication skills

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