GoPro Case
The analysis write-up is not to exceed 5 pages (double spaced, 12pt. font, one inch margins). It should answer the assigned questions related to the case.
No late cases will be accepted.
For the GoPro case analysis, please note the following:

How was GoPro different from other players in the industry? Discuss Nicholas Woodmanâ€s role in making GoPro a market leader.
What type of innovation was the GoPro action camera? What made this camera successful when video cameras (camcorders) and smartphones already existed?
How did GoPro market itself? Can part of GoProâ€s success be attributed to its marketing strategy? How did GoPro benefit from its marketing?
To what do you attribute GoProâ€s revenue, profitability, and stock price trends? What led to GoProâ€s eventual decline?
Can GoPro make a comeback? Suggest ways the company can strike back at the market

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