In this assignment, you’ll submit a 3-4 page paper in which you present a case study of a fictional character.You may choose any fictional character from a book, movie, TV show, or another source.  Make sure your character exhibits symptoms of a psychological disorder, as that will be the focus of this paper. (See attachments for OpenStax sources.)

As you write your paper, please refer to these steps:

1) Introduce your character with some identifying information (name, age, and so on).  Make sure to include the origin of your character (what book, movie, or TV show is s/he from?).

2) Provide a brief history of your character’s case.  What do you know about his or her childhood?  When did s/he first develop symptoms of mental illness?  What might have contributed to this onset (nature, nurture, or both)? 

3) Provide a diagnosis and description of symptoms.  Which psychological disorder(s) do you feel best fits your character’s symptoms?  Include several examples of situations in which he or she exhibited signs of this disorder, being specific about which symptoms were present in these cases.  Please include at least three detailed examples; this should be the longest section of your paper.

4) Include treatment recommendations.  Given your character’s symptoms, would you recommend therapy (which type?), medication (which class?), or some other intervention?  Explain your reasoning. You might have to consult OpenStax Chapter 16 for this.

5) Briefly conclude your paper. You can tie your conclusion into the above section on treatment, or you can add a short concluding paragraph afterward.


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