So this is kind of a weird ask, I would like you to modify this bill to where it says amount owed to around $5,500 or so. You can change the quantity and prices of the items. I need it to where the service hours amount per hour needs to be the same but you can add up to 10 hours for each tech the day the service was done. You can also add a couple hours when they returned. Change the prices and quantity of the items that were installed. It just has to look original and all the tax and everything else needs to add up to the new amount owed. I just purchased a house and the person we bought it from said they would spend up to 6,000$ in electrical repairs. So I want to make sure I get the extra money that she said she would give me. She isn’t going to know how much everything costs, she will just look over the bill and make sure everything adds up. This should be pretty easy for you to do. Not sure how much you want for doing this so I am just going to submit it and let me know what you are wanting to charge me okay? The document needs to look just like the original. Let me know if you have any questions
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