Childhood development analysis

A significant component to instruction is the relationship between standards and assessment. In any given classroom environment, the assessment provided must directly relate to the objective, which measures the academic standard. A clear alignment between standards and assessments is the foundation for quality instruction.

This assignment focuses on standards, objectives, and assessments in the area of instructional design. Complete “Instructional Design Topic 2: Pre-Assessment and Standard Alignment within the “Instructional Design Unit” template.

Using content area standards on your state department of education website, select two standards for Birth to Pre-K and two standards for Kindergarten to Grade 3. Develop an objective for each standard you have selected. Remember, objectives must include a measurable verb, which is assessable. You will use the standards you selected and objectives you created in this assignment and for future assignments throughout the course.

In 250-500 words, include the following for each standard:
The standards selected and objectives created
A summative assessment that aligns with each standard/objective
Explanation of how you would implement each summative assessment
Explanation of how each summative assessment is developmentally appropriate
Support your response with 2-3 scholarly resources.

Sample Solution

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The post Childhood development analysis appeared first on nursing writers.

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