Part I. Heroin: Cape Cod USA
1) Write a detailed review of the film, per the outline that we looked at in class.2) Given that the film was first released in late 2015, do you feel that progress or lack thereof has been made in addressing the opiate epidemic? Site one specific source to support your argument.
Part II. Bowling for Columbine (we left off at 35:37; film available on (Links to an external site.)) 1) Write a detailed review of the film, per the outline that we looked at in class.2) Toward the end of the film, Director, Michael Moore tries to interview Charlton Heston. After Heston ends the interview, Moore tries to get Heston to look at a picture of a little girl who was shot in a Flint, Michigan school, and Heston walks away. This scene has been argued over for years, with some critics saying that Moore treated Heston unfairly, and others saying that Heston showed exactly the callousness and ignorance that Moore set out to expose in the interview. What do you think? Find an article online for each position, and explain why you agree or disagree with each.
Contact me via email with any questions. ( When you complete your paper, please email it to me in Word or pdf format, by class time on 2/10/20.
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