Explore the various concept maps presented in Chapter 7 of The Practice of Nursing Research, as well as the Cooper and Veo articles.Using the information presented in the Learning Resources as a guide, consider the linkages and interrelationships of the conceptual concepts for the theory you identified for this week’s Discussion. What relational statements could be articulated?
To complete:
1. Create a concept map on Jean Watson’s caring and the carrative factors demonstrating the linkages and interrelationships of the theoretical concepts.2. Include a clear problem and purpose statement.(Job satisfaction for nurses. Can transformational leadership provide job satisfaction for nurses with the use of Watson’s carrative factors?) Express relational statements linking the concepts, literally and diagrammatically.
2.Use PowerPoint,Include references from Peer- reviewed articles. no older than 5 years old to support your work.
Please use the topic noted in parenthesis. please show the interlinkage between Watson’s carrative factors and jobs satisfaction with nurses. all in a power point.


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