This week we are looking at the stress upon children and their families during natural disasters as well as how trauma impacts children, families, and communities. To demonstrate this, we will take the topic of natural disasters and look at two YouTube videos.
· The first is a New Zealand/Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Awareness Video, and it is found at  (Eyeshine, 2011)
· We will then go to Riku’s story (Save the Children USA, 2011) He is from Japan, and the translation does distract a bit, so you will have to concentrate more on this. It is important to look at his face during the interview. The transcript of the video is attached below.
Using the information you gained from the reading this week as a guide, what services and resources do you think should be available for children and families after an Earthquake /Tsunami and other natural disasters? Specifically look at this from a child’s view, so school and peers will be important.
· Align your posting to the forum rubric and make sure you use APA format in your references and citations.
Eyeshine ( 2011, March 17) New Zealand/Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Awareness Video Retrieved from
Save the Children USA ( 2011, March 18) Riku’s Tsunami Story Retrieved from
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