Subject I 1)propose a title which will enable you to analyse and review compare the international business implications of selected culture features in the U.S with the U.K 2)use your first part to prepare a briefing to a firm which works in both countriethe first part counts 70% and the second 30%Choose between Subject I (above in the topic section) and Subject II below:1) Describe briefly selected features of the business and socio-cultural environment of the U.S., then critically compare them with these criteria in the U.K.2) use your first part to provide a briefing for someone from the U.K. who is coming to the U.S. (your year abroad country)section 1) comparison between countries based on experience as wellsection 2) Explicit section, right a briefingObjectives: -demonstrate a critical awareness of chosen topic relevant to the U.S.-Conduct independent research of relevant issues using library and electronic sources-Demonstrate written communication skills-reflect critically on business and social issues that you get during your work abroad ( I will send a summary in the documents about what I did doing my semester in the U.S.)Aims: -to develop a deeper understanding of the cultural context of management and business in a chosen country-to develop an appreciation of the knowledge and skills needed to live and work in an increasingly international environmentThe module requires to select a research topic relevant to the region in which you are studying/working and to analyse and report on the issues identified.(Keeping it reflective: Keep it focus, main key topics/issuesevidence basedCritical reflection)


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