Describe media evaluation and selection techniques. Media evaluation and selection make up a crucial step in the advertising campaign process. Major types of advertising media include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, outdoor advertising such as billboards and bus panels, and the Internet. Recent trends in advertising media include video shopping carts, computer screen savers, cinema and DVD advertising, cell phones, and video games. Promotion managers choose the advertising campaign’s media mix on the basis of the following variables: cost per contact, reach, frequency, characteristics of the target audience, flexibility of the medium, noise level, and the life span of the medium. After choosing the media mix, a media schedule designates when the advertisement will appear and the specific vehicles it will appear in. Questions 4.1 What are the advantages of radio advertising? Why is radio expanding as an advertising medium? 4.2 You are the advertising manager of a sailing magazine, and one of your biggest potential advertisers has questioned your rates. Write the firm a letter explaining why you believe your audience selectivity is worth the extra expense for advertisers. 4.3 Identify an appropriate media mix for the following products: a. Chewing tobacco b. People magazine c. Weed-Eaters d. Foot odor killers e. “Drink responsibly” campaigns by beer brewers 4.4 How easy is it to find out about advertising options on the Internet? Go to Look smart’s and Yahoo’s advertiser pages ( and http:// What kind of information do they require from you? Send an e-mail requesting information and compare what you receive.


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