Topic 3 DQ 2There are many external factors that are unique to adolescents. I have chosen to discuss the following,1. Separation/divorce of parents can be very devistating to a teenager, and may lead to involving themselves in risky behaviors such as decrease in school involvement, drop in grades, increase in truancy. Additional risky behaviors include self abuse, (sexual promiscuity) binge drinking and use of illicit drugs. Teens of divorced parents also feel a sense of obligation, they now have to help out around the house more, and worrying about finances this can prevent establishing a sense of independence. Some teens experience mixed emotions, they encounter feelings of hurt, they become sad, upset, angry, and feel relieved all at the same time. Helping teens adjust to divorce, starts with open and non bias communication with the parents about what to expect. This is also the time for the teen to express themselves making sure that the know they are not the reason fro the divorce. Examples of coping mechanisms are, encourage questions, include them in decisions that directly affect them, show an interest in their lives and maintain flexible schedules to help with the adjustment. Parents that give structure and encourage independence can aide in the teen adjusting to the divorce/ separation .(Helping preteens and adolescents adjust to divorce. 2016).2. Anxiety, another external stressor with risky behavorial changes, teens place high expectations on themselves and take on a variety of activities. If the teen encounters a situation to be difficult or challenging they lose the ability to cope increasing their anxiety. Many teens become overwhelmed with stress, and that leads to aggression, withdrawl and physical illnesses. Poor coping skills can lead the teen to drugs/ alcohol and they feel that is a way to cope.. Parents can help by monitoringtheir behavior and watch fpr any deviations from normal behavior patterns. Listen carefully, support the activities and sports they participate in, and learn stressmanagement skills. Teenagers can help decrease their stress by removing themselves from stressful situations, establish new friends that can help with coping in positive ways, develope assertiveness skills, and learn practicle coping skills. Learn how to decrease negative talk and replace it with positive thoughts. If a teen shows any signs of becoming overstressed , a consultation with a psychiatrist or other qualified mental health professional may be needed. (Stress Management and Teens. 2019).Respond using 200-300 words APA format with references in supporting the discussion.Describe two external stressors that are unique to adolescents. Discuss what risk-taking behaviors may result from the external stressors and what support or coping mechanism can be introduced.
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