Students will put together a report after completing an observation. The purpose of the developmental observation assignment is to synthesize and apply the theoretical concepts of child development to acquire an understanding of the developmental characteristics of a child or an adolescent in the biological, cognitive, and psychosocial domains of development. 

There are two components to this assignment:


Observe and/or interview a child or an adolescent (newborn – 18 years) for four weeks in a home, school or any other community organization serving children and adolescents. Record your observations based on the guidelines provided. If the child can talk, interview the child/adolescent asking age appropriate questions. In your interview, as appropriate, you may ask the child/adolescent about his or her likes, dislikes, interests or hobbies, role models, hopes and fears, attitude towards parents, teachers, school, friends, society, influence of the media, internet and the social media, and culture. Recognize atypical developmental characteristics, if any.

Written Report:

Write a written report following the guidelines provided. You will gather all of this information, synthesize it and then submit a final report in essay format and not just in question and answer format. This project will be completed as a 3 page paper (not including cover and references), double-spaced, 1’ margins, 10-12 point Times New Roman or Helvetica font.


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