HOSP 320 Homework Assignment Week 5 .
Chapter 8:1. Define and discuss the role of the director of security in maintaining hotel security.2. A guest has just slipped on wet tile in the lobby, and fallen and hit her head, surrounded by other patrons. She appears to be just shaken up, but she is bleeding slightly from a cut on her forehead. Describe in detail the steps you would take to handle this situation.Chapter 9:1. Describe in detail the short, intermediate and long term demands on a general manager’s time.2. Discuss the differences in the time demands of a general manager between a full service large hotel and a small limited-service hotel.Preview:Hotel security makes sure that the customers’ belongings are safe and also that the customers are safe in the hotel premises. Among the many individuals who regularly travel worldwide, hotel security has been considered as a very important aspect when one is selecting a place to stay. Whether an individual…


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