Human Growth & Development – Brain Development in the Early Years
Unit 2 test
Attempt all questions. Use examples to illustrate your answer.
Q1. How is the brain “wired”? What are “windows of opportunity” in relation to brain development?  What happens to the brain when it doesn’t get the things it needs?
Q2. What are the impacts on the child as a result of the following having an impact on the mother’s health: (write short notes on any 5)

Environmental Pollutants
Medical Care
Alcohol or drugs
Prescription Drugs

Q3. Environmental deprivation has drastic negative consequences on ‘normal’ development. In A child was deprived of the following:

attachment & bonding,
social interaction,
roper healthy nutrition,
regular exposure to language
verbal communication.

For each type of deprivation mentioned, identify a minimum of two potential negative consequences on any area of growth and development (discuss impact on any 3 of above deprivations).
Human Growth & Development HHG4U – Parenthood Attachment & Bonding
Unit 3 Test
Attempt all questions. Use examples to illustrate your answer.
Q1. What is bonding and attachment? When and how does bonding and attachment happen? Why is bonding and attachment important?
Q2.  The attachment theories of three main psychologists have been discussed in this unit. These are Bowlby, Harlow and Ainsworth. Whose theories, in your opinion, best explain the concept of attachment and why? Use examples to illustrate your answer.
Q3. Play throughout the lifespan helps to promote growth and development in different ways. Identify two examples (from any type of development) of how play helps development in each stage in the life cycle.
Q4. Explain the various Parenting Styles as discussed in the unit.
Human Growth & Development – Socialization Factors that Influence Human Development
Unit 4 Test
Attempt all questions. Use examples to illustrate your answer.
Q1. What is socialization? What role does the family play in socializing its members? How do schools influence socialization? Does the media influence socialization?
Q2. Identify the agents of socialization and how they impact a person over time.
Q3. Short Notes. Explain the influence of any five (5) of the following:

Birth Order
Parental Relationships
Transition to Parenthood
Gender Development
Family Models
Self Esteem
Media & Technology
Community Supports

Q4. Discuss the role of School as an agent of socialization. Include examples and references to different life stages, course work, placement, and personal experiences.
Commitment to Student and Student Learning
Adults must be alert to sexed-up images targeted at very young girls
Globe and Mail; Published Tuesday, Jun. 09, 2009 4:00AM EDT; Last updated Thursday, Mar. 10, 2011 4:25PM EST
They troll gossip blogs, pore over Miley Cyrus videos and eyeball toy store shelves. They’re not preteens, but a crew of early childhood educators on a mission: to show parents and teachers what their five- to 11-year-old charges are ingesting.
The educators from the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education are meeting with teachers across North America to drive home the message that consumerist culture is sexualizing girls, and early onset puberty is worsening the problem.


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