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Before you start, look over the instructions for the Unit 3
Assignment. This Discussion will assist with forming your responses for
the Assignment.

First, think about a health problem that you find
interesting, such as a disease outbreak, chronic condition (heart
disease, diabetes, etc.), or common injury in a population (falling
among seniors, occupational injuries, etc.). You could also choose a
health problem that is currently affecting your community.

choose and research an organization that is part of the public health
system (local, state, federal or global health organization,
non-governmental organization, or other organization) that is addressing
the health problem.

For your initial response to the Discussion,
provide a brief description of the public health problem and the
organization you have chosen. How is the organization actively
addressing the health problem? Who are the stakeholders in the community
that the organization might reach out to in partnership to address the

Be sure to include a list of credible references to support your response.

No spesfic length just needs to make sure its fully answered.


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