The cost of colleges and Universities continue to increase in the recent years and the question now is who is going to pay for it? There are millions of Texans who dream of going to college but can’t afford it because it is too expensive. I believe that higher taxes and more student financial aid assistance are better solutions to help pay for higher education.
Education is very important for a state like Texas that wants to grow or progress; we are nothing without education. I believe that the State’s tax payers should pay more money for higher education because it will benefit all of us; colleges and universities are services needed for our state to grow. More financial aid should also be granted to students; with financial aid more students will be able to afford colleges and Universities. Many people are anxious of higher taxes and more financial aid assistance to students, but I believe that these are the best ways to help pay more money for higher education; with these methods more students will be able to afford college which is an investment for the future of Texas.

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