WRTG 394 students,
Your next writing assignment will be an employment package. The assignment involves writing a resumeand cover letter.
In writing a resume and cover letter, you will integrate some basic principles we have been discussing in the course. You will apply principles of audience analysis, clarity, tone, and accuracy, among other skills.
Prepare a résumé and cover letter for a job that you might be interested in and are qualified for. Assume the vacancy will occur at the end of this semester. Write truthfully, assuming what will be true for you at the end of this semester.
Strategies and Tutorials to Consider for this Assignment:
-UMUC’s Effective Writing Center provides an excellent tutorial on writing resumes. Click hereto access it.
-UMUC’s Effective Writing Center also offers a wonderful tutorial on writing cover letters. Click hereto access it.
-UMUC’s Career Services unit has a fantastic resume tutorial. Click hereto access it.
-The Purdue OWL has a resume workshop online. Click hereto access it.
-In addition, you will want to review module 4 in our class, Employment Documents. In that module, you will see a description of a chronological resume, a functional resume, and a combination resume. You will want to decide which approach you would like to use.
-Moreover, you can review the chapter called “Employment Correspondence” by Andrea Geffner. This chapter is available in our eReservessection of our class. It is a chapter from a book called Business English: A Complete Guide to Developing an Effective Business Writing Style.
Your resume should be 1-2 pages. Your cover letter should be 1-2 pages as well. The cover letter should be in 12-point font.

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