Definition of the Problem from Part 1.
Methods Describe and justify the methodology used to solve the predefined problem (please use “client” to refer to the individual, not by their name), this includes the following items:

In order to demonstrate quantifiable change, you need to perform the assessment before and after your design solution!Therefore, you will need to state how you will be performing a quantifiable assessment before and after.This includes at a minimum attaching the questionnaires you used, what ergonomics tools you used (must use at least one qualitative and one semi -quantitative/ quantitative tool found below, if there is an outside tool you prefer to use, please consult me first).
Indicate and explain the intent of the proposed design, conceptual creativity and innovation, practicality, and the immediate use for the specific individual and for other individuals that may work under these conditions.
State how easy and safe the proposed aid will be to implement.
State how the proposed design solution will reduce and/or eliminate injuries.
State how you plan to conduct a cost-benefit model (Bridger textbook -pgs. 24-28) to justify your solution.


Describe how your design will function correctly without flaws and how it exemplifies high quality and accuracy.
Describe your groups’ interaction with clients, clients’ assistant, other staffers in the proposed solution.
Describe the design process: what was considered, what was abandoned and why (too cumbersome, too outdated, too many steps, etc…).
Indicate how this design maybe different, better, set-apart from what already exists in the market.
Conclusion and discussion of the lessons learned, conclusions must well thought out and accurate.
Report must be complete, clear, neat, and well organized with no grammatical or spelling errors. Figures and/or charts are clear and references are provided. Report must stay within the 15-page limit (single space, not including appendices).

You will need to follow the report and presentation tips and guidelines in your Engineering Communications Toolkit and use electronic template located here à rubrics for the report and presentation that will be followed are in your Engineering Communications Toolkit.
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