Below see a list of artists from a variety times and places. Google and/or Wikipedia one of the artists below and choose a drawing or a print from their body of work. All of these artists did a lot of work. Your job is to select one example from one of the artists on this list for a short essay. Look over the artist’s work online and make your own selection. Part of your grade will rest upon the cogency of your choice. Each of the artists on this page has a powerful social or emotional message to convey and each one does that with some real visual power.
Artimeo Rodriguez – (Mexican, Chicano Art Movement)
Francisco Goya – (Spanish, Romantic Movement )
Grant Wood – (American Regionalism)
Jack Kirby – (American, Graphic artist)
Daumier – ( Realism)
Yoshitoshi – (Japanese, Ukiyo-e)
Kathy Kollwitz – (German Expressionism)
Rembrandt – (Dutch Baroque)
Picasso – ( Spanish, Modernism)
Schmitt-Ruttluff – (German Expressionism)
Hans Holbein – (German, Northern Renaissance)
Mike Mignola – (American, Graphic artist)
Post your selection in the discussion window provided, do not link to another page. This is a big deal. No visible image, no grade, OK? Also the image MUST be a graphic, that is a drawing or a print, or I will not accept the essay.
You Must choose an artist from the list above.
In a short, 100 word essay, about a page or so, Tell the class three things, WHO, WHAT, AND HOW.
150 word limit.
1. WHO. Briefly tell the class WHO the artist was and how his or her life and times define the work. You will have to do some biographical research to answer this.
2. WHAT. In a sentence or two tell the class WHAT the graphic expresses.
3. HOW. State HOW does this graphic express indignation or sympathy or anger or poetic contemplation or some combination of those things. by means of subject, arrangement, placement, scale, thrust, variety or repetition.
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