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Fiscal policy and politics are very much intertwined in the United States (and in other democracies). In your first paragraph in response to this prompt, discuss how fiscal policy in a democratic society (with, of course, elected officials in charge of fiscal policy) is likely to be conducted over time. Be sure to make specific references to taxation as well as government spending. In the second paragraph is response to this prompt, evaluate the argument that a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution would be good idea. Then, discuss, with your classmates, whether or not a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution would be good policy.

Here are what you have to do:

For each discussion activity, an initial response of approximately 500-750 words is required. Responses to the prompt should thoroughly, yet concisely, address each element of the discussion prompt. When appropriate, informal in-text citations as well as informal bibliographic entries (at the end of the post) should be used. External sources may also be utilized. When posting, students will be unable to view classmates’ contributions until they have made a post to the forum. There is no requirement for student interaction via the forum, as significant class time will be set aside for in-class discussion. Discussion contributions will be graded using the rubric below. Late submissions to discussion are not accepted for credit.

Discussion Rubric

/points possible

The student offers an initial post to the prompt that fully addresses the prompt and offers depth of analysis commensurate with postsecondary academic work. Typically, initial posts will be from 500-750 words in length.


The student uses proper grammar, spelling, and format in the initial post to the discussion forum.




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