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Discuss  the scenario with your Learning Team. 
Consider  the five behaviors described for delegating to determine how to handle the scenario. 
Prepare  a 350- to 1,050-word paper detailing how your team would handle the situation described in the scenario.
Practicing the Skill
Read through the following scenario. Write a paper describing how you would handle the situation described. Be sure to refer to the five behaviors described for delegating.
Scenario Ricky Lee is the manager of the contracts group of a large regional office supply distributor. His boss, Anne Zumwalt, has asked him to prepare by the end of the month the department’s new procedures manual that will outline the steps followed in negotiating contracts with office products manufacturers who supply the organization’s products. Because Ricky has another major project he’s working on, he went to Anne and asked her if it would be possible to assign the rewriting of the procedures manual to Bill Harmon, one of his employees who’s worked in the contracts group for about three years. Anne said she had no problems with Ricky reassigning the project as long as Bill knew the parameters and the expectations for the completion of the project. Ricky is preparing for his meeting in the morning with Bill regarding this assignment.
Team Exercise
An organization chart can be a useful tool for understanding certain aspects of an organization’s structure. Form small groups of three to four individuals. Among yourselves, choose an organization with which one of you is familiar (where you work, a student organization to which you belong, your college or university, etc.). Draw an organization chart of this organization. Be careful to show departments (or groups) and especially be careful to get the chain of command correct. Be prepared to share your chart with the class.
MY TURN TO BE A MANAGER ● Find three different examples of an organizational chart. (Company’s annual reports are a good place to look.) In a report, describe each of these. Try to decipher the organization’s use of organizational design elements, especially departmentalization, chain of command, centralization-decentralization, and formalization. ● Survey at least 10 different managers as to how many employees they supervise. Also ask them whether they feel they could supervise more employees or whether they feel the number they supervise is too many. Graph your survey results and write a report describing what you found. Draw some conclusions about span of control.
282 283 ● Using the organizational chart you created in the team exercise, redesign the structure. What structural changes might make this organization more efficient and effective? Write a report describing what you would do and why. Be sure to include an example of the original organizational chart as well as a chart of your proposed revision of the organizational structure. ● Steve’s and Mary’s suggested readings: Gary Hamel, The Future of Management (Harvard Business School Press, 2007); Thomas Friedman, The World Is Flat 3.0 (Picador, 2007); Harold J. Leavitt, Top Down: Why Hierarchies Are Here to Stay and How to Manage Them More Effectively (Harvard Business School Press, 2005); and Thomas W. Malone, The Future of Work (Harvard Business School Press, 2004). ● In your own words, write down three things you learned in this chapter about being a good manager. ● Self-knowledge can be a powerful learning tool. Go to mymanagementlab.com and complete these self-assessment exercises: How Well Do I Handle Ambiguity? What Type of Organizational Structure Do I Prefer? Do I Like Bureaucracy? How Good Am I at Playing Politics? How Willing Am I to Delegate? Using the results of your assessments, identify personal strengths and weaknesses. What will you do to reinforce your strengths and improve your weaknesses?


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