Write a reflection for each lesson consisting of at least 1 paragraph (5 sentences) for all 6 lessons (Lessons 1-6). Additionally, write down everything you eat and drink for one week. The reflection should indicate what you learned and how you can apply this knowledge to improve your own diet. Using FitDay.com, indicate nutrients of which are too low or too high. Include suggestions for foods/beverages you can consume to improve your status of these nutrients. ONLY INCLUDE FOODS YOU WILL ACTUALLY EAT (if you don’t like red meat and you need iron, think of alternative sources that can be consumed). You then will write a paragraph each about nutrients that were over or under consumed, nutrients that were met, and the amount of physical activity you documented. You must also include suggestions for improvement for diet and physical activity. Your overall journal reflection should be 9 paragraphs total.

Your grade will be based on the level of detail and completeness of your food record and thoughtful reflection on your eating behaviors and potential changes.

I will share a Google Document with you that you are to use for this assignment. Please note the day and date each time you record. You will need to have at least one full week of food records. Be sure to list any SUPPLEMENTS you take as well.

Please upload your FitDay “Nutrition Report,” and your final Word document of each of your lesson refections and one-week diet and physical activity reflection to this Canvas Assignment by the due date and time for Journal #1. Margins should be 1″, and font should be 12-point, black, Times New Roman (double-spaced). An example of the total reflection is included below:

**Click here for helpful portion size references (view ALL 3 links):

1. portion-control-guide.pdfPreview the document

2. serving_size.jpg

3. https://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/guidelines/infographic/1-1/

**Click here for FitDay directions: Fit Day Directions.docx预览文档

Link to FitDay: https://www.fitday.com

**Click here for the Reflective Journal #1 Rubric: Food and Reflective Journal Rubric-4.docx预览文档

**Click here for the Reflective Journal #1 sample: Journal Reflection Sample-2.pdf预览文档


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