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In correctional facilities, case plans establish the goals and expectations for the offender during his or her period of incarceration. The directions tell the client if he or she must attend a substance-abuse prevention class or participate in some other program designed to support their rehabilitation. The case plan is a comprehensive outline of the offender’s activities while serving his or her sentence, providing a clear and defined structure and problem tracking for inmate and staff.
Take a moment to reflect on the necessary components of a good case plan. If you are the counselor, how would you apply the assessments and theories presented throughout your course text to a solid case management plan for each client? How would you collaborate with each client in determining the goals of correctional supervision and treatment? Do you think you would be able to use your knowledge to motivate clients to change and to design a course of action that will impart new skills, attitudes, and directions?
Address the following for this discussion:

What is meant by assessment-based case planning? Why should case plans be assessment based?
Which of the examples of risk/need factors are most likely to need careful planning to assure continuity of care?
Why is it important to encourage clients to collaborate with case managers in the development of a case plan?

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