Need help writing term paper, presentation and thought out worksheet.

Topic: Access to Health Care (Must come from a quality issue in health care management). See attached for rational.

1. Students will submit a thought worksheet related to their Term Paper. This document is available in Module 6 and is a Word document that students will complete and submit related to the development of their paper. (See Attached)

2. Students will be required to submit an 800-1000 word term paper. The paper must focus on a quality issue in health care management and include at least one intervention from the text that the student as a health care manager would utilize to correct the quality issue. The issue must be from one of the four categories: patient safety, medical errors, consumer satisfaction, or team dynamics. The student is expected to explain how the intervention implemented and evaluated and explain how the intervention will improve quality of the selected issue. (Please let me know the intervention and I can get you the chapter from the text)

3. Finally, students are expected to create a presentation related to their Term Paper that will inform their fellow classmates about their chosen topic. This presentation will be posted to the Term Paper Presentation Discussion Board, as well as submitted to the appropriate Assignment box, no later than Thursday 11:59 EST/EDT of Module 8. The presentation will contain a minimum of 10 slides. Students will then comment on at least two classmates’ term paper presentation posts before the conclusion of the module. (I will complete the comments on the students term paper, just want to have the discussion done)

Please see attached rubric for additional requirements.


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