Week 1 Discussion

“Restructuring Your Organization” Please respond to the following:

  • Read the article titled “Ten Best Practices for Restructuring the Organization”. Next, evaluate your current organization, one in which you are interested, or one with which you are familiar. Select three (3) of the ten (10) proposed strategies you believe are most relevant to the organization, and explain why you selected those three (3).

The three strategies that I would select would include starting with top sponsorship, collecting data and using it, and avoiding victory prematurely.

By starting with top sponsorship, I would have the ability to ensure that I will have the necessary resources allocated to achieve the restructure. Without proper buy-in, the restructuring has a much lower likelihood of success. There will be numerous hurtles that must be overcome including proper business structure and the appropriate timeline. Employees will also be more accepting of the change if they see that the company is truly committed to it. We have recently been going through a rebid process on our contract and one of the major factors has been the presence of a new leadership team which has been actively engaged in new efforts including escalation in pay and additional training opportunities. The workforce has seen a turn in the way things have been being run and there has been an improvement in morale.

The second strategy is that of collecting data and using it. Our customer has been requesting more and more, requiring changes in processes to ensure that we are addressing their needs. The reason that I choose this one is because of the innovative accomplishments which have been in progress over the past few years. Most specifically, we have been using manual databases for many years which are cumbersome and extremely time consuming. Until there was greater confidence in the data, we pushed back and continued to use the previous processes. Recent advancements have made it possible to eliminate countless manhours of data collection, freeing up those hours and allowing analysts to look further into the data. It took a significant level of effort to get to the point where we could trust the data that the new technology is providing. We spent countless hours collecting information and analyzing it to ensure that future efforts are properly supported. Now that we have gone through that process, we have been able to allocate countless manhours to other efforts. We were able to identify various strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that are associated with our processes and achieve greater results.

The third strategy that I will focus on is that of avoiding victory prematurely. It is ok to be cautiously optimistic when it comes to the restructure, but providing information to employees that is inaccurate can do more damage than good. Although the management team may have the best intentions in providing information to employees, inaccurate information can make employees feel less confident in the overall process. It is important to put out timely, but accurate, information as it becomes available. There have been numerous instances throughout the rebid process we are going through that information has been put out and the final result was not as originally stated. This is demoralizing for employees, but it also can deflate confidence within the organization.

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