I need 2 papers so (each paper is 2 pages) one for me and one for my friend. Each paper is different from the other one. both of the papers should be different. and very well written.

READ the Attachment VERY WELL.

  • Write a two page essay addressing the article that you have been assigned.
  • Read the article carefully. Then use the information below to assist in addressing the scholarly journal article assignment.
    1. Read the article to understand the writer’s intent.
    2. Take notes, highlight facts, and underline key problems.
    3. Focus your thoughts or logical reasons for supporting or opposing the article.
    4. Identify two to three key problems
    5. Share possible solutions. Support or oppose statements with at least two additional scholarly journal articles as references.

    Your essay must be in APA format. Your essay must include a cover page, abstract, body, and reference section. This type-written and proofread assignment

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