Assigment #1
– Identify a clinical problem in your nursing specialty area and develop a PICOT question –→ (my PICOT) In poor controlled diabetes’ patient managed in primary care settings, how does an implementation of a chronic disease management program versus every six month follow up visits impact glycemic values.– Please using APA format to write this assignment following the instructions below. Use 3 pages not including references .
a) Provide background information to illustrate why this is a clinical problem.a. Define the clinical problem (e.g., disease (DM), adverse outcome, behavior, etc.)b. Who is affected by this problem ( In numbers how many people affected by DM )c. What is the magnitude of the problem (e.g., how many people are affected by poor uncontrolled DM the problem each year)d. What interventions/strategies are available to address the problem(uncontrolled DM )e. Why is a research synthesis neededb) Put your problem into an an


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