Read Chapters 24-25, pages 559-619. CASE STUDY: Barb, a nursing student, is attending a quality assurance meeting at a local hospital. Her assignment is to identify how the hospital is using nursing research in the patient care setting. Teri, the ICU nurse educator, describes how she read several research articles on the use of arterial lines to measure blood sugar levels. This method, including the use of a basal bolus with a consistent sliding scale for insulin coverage, resulted in fewer complications for patients after open-heart surgery. She outlines how the approach (with a few modifications) could enhance nursing practice by decreasing the time spent paging physicians for insulin orders while efficiently meeting the patient’s glucose control needs. Teri has also identified that the physicians in the hospital use different insulin sliding scales, which leads to problems when nurses accidentally administer the wrong insulin dosage. Teri creates a specific implementation plan and presents it to the participants. Dr. Moore, the hospital internist and member of the ICU quality assurance team, works with Teri on the proposal and defines the outcomes desired from implementing the plan.  


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