This case study is an example of product/service innovation: where case studies normally cover anywhere from 1 to 26 (or more!) pages, sometimes accompanied by a short video, this case study is of an online, interactive nature, and revolves around video interviews with Citizen M’s COO and employees.Go here: How would you evaluate the design of this case study?2. Design a Quality Function Deployment Matrix (see below example from our book, and recommend improvements.Q2: Go to the website of a firm specializing in helping clients to innovate and design their products and services. Look at the website and:1. Identify the stages of design innovation that the firm goes through with their clients.2. Choose one of the case studies on the -work’- area of the site and identify in which quadrant this product or service can be located on the Henderson Clark model, and why. Then, make recommendations for this particular product or service: how can it be made better/cheaper/more useful/more innovative?This assignment is used to assess LO 3: Students understand new product development processes. Students can read the description of a new product development process and determine if it is up-to-date. If it is not up-to-date the student can recommend changes that will bring it up to date.Criteria/RubricQuestion 1Evaluation of design, QFDQuestion 2Stages of Service/Product development process, RecommendationsLooking for answers ?Chat with us at get the answers
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