Use the provided Word Document to answer the following:

Why did JetBlue adopt SASB standards? (50 words)
Are the issues identified by SASB indeed ‘material’? If no, why not? If yes, why not? (100 words)
Do other airlines disclose ESG information? Why might this matter to JetBlue? (100 words)
Using Hoffman’s steps to organizational change, diagnose JetBlue’s sustainability challenge and discuss how it went about unfreezing and creating movement. (250 words)

– CASE: Serafeim, G., & Freiberg, D. (2018, Oct 9). JetBlue: Relevant Sustainability Leadership (A). Harvard Business School. (27 pages) 
– Hoffman, A. (2008). Strategy Originates within the Organization.  In Michael Russo (ed.) Environment Management: Readings and Cases. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. (10 pages)


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