Please answer the following questions:

1, Explain the concept of channel formation when you raise the gate potential to Vt?

  1. Explain how the gate area experience the electric field due to gate voltage VG?
  2. When we apply a small voltage at the drain of N-MOSFET, current start to flow from drain to source. What happens when we increase VDS equal to VG?
  3. Explain why the current remain steady when the transistor is biased in saturation?
  4. Draw the structure of n-MOSFET cross section and explain the different regions of the transistor?
  5. Explain accumulation, depletion and inversion when we apply the gate potential from -1V …0V..1V using the cross section of the transistor from question 5.
  6. Draw the shape the inversion layer under the following conditions?

i. VDS << VG

ii. VDS = VG

iii. VDS > VG

iv. VDS >> VG.

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