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As a thought, here is a rough idea of what we might do. Let me know what you think. Please change around if you don’t like and re-assign or re-order. Also, if you don’t like the company, please throw out ideas as well + content for how to integrate 4.11 into this discussion:
Team Application, Reflection, and Synthesis Paper Instructions
Write a 1,000-word team paper. Your team must choose any Fortune 500 company(Hilton- ranked high on Fortune 500 and Top 100 to work for) ( and apply Exhibit 4.11 from Mello (2019) as a means of investigating and assessing the HRD practices of the firm.
Intro (125 words)- Nick(1 Source)
Provide 3 distinct sections for your team paper.
Section 1: profile of the subject organization (e.g. corporate strategy, revenue base, financial performance, employee base, ownership structure, product/service mix, competitive position, primary locations for operations, etc.). (250 words)-Lethon (2 sources)
Section 2: analysis and assessment of the strategic and theological soundness of the HRD practices of the subject organization (paying special attention to HR strategy, staffing, training and development, performance management, compensation, and labor relations). (250 words)-Harmon(2 sources)
Section 3: posit 5–7 key recommendations for improving the strategic and theological soundness of the HRD practices of the subject organization.(250 words)-Michael (2 Sources)
Conclusion- (125 Words)-Nick(1 Sources)
Required Sources
Use both primary research data/evidence as well as secondary research data/evidence. Be sure to include in-text citations for your primary and secondary sources, and include these sources on the reference page.
In addition, you must include the following sources in your reference page and in-text citations as follows:Choose 2 Sources as above
At least 2 citations from the Mello (2019).
At least 2 citations from Hardy (1990).
At least 2 citations from Keller (2012).
At least 2 citations from related scholarly journals (e.g. Human Resource Development Quarterly, Human Resource Development Review, Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management, Journal of Biblical Integration in Business, Christian Scholars Review).
At least 1 citation from a related trade/practitioner publication (e.g. Harvard Business Review, HR Magazine, T&D Magazine, Business Week, Wall Street Journal).
Team Paper Progress Report- Bethany/Also Assist above as needed/Help Coordinate/Proof/Submit on time- clarify instructions below w/professor.
You will submit a brief report related to your team’s progress in Module/Week 4. Explain your role on the team and what contributions you will be making to the team paper. Use the Progress Report Form as a template to submit your Team Paper Progress Report.
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