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needs to incude back up from at least one of the two readings (Lester – The Impact of Deployment on Parental, Family, and Child Adjustment in Military Families or Lee & MacDermid- The Newest Generation of U.S. Veterans and Their Families in Price, et al). 
– a)discuss the effects of family transitions across all domains of development and the different perspectives of family members, and b) understand the importance of social support for family adjustment.
Ideas to consider are in the writing:
Separations (i.e. what was on Chris’s mind when he returned from combat, mother’s adjustment, and impact on the children). How does their experience compare to the readings?
A theory that helps you understand the impact of deployment on parental, family, and child adjustment? Consider How how the theory makes sense of the family’s adjustment.
The Strengthening Family Framework – the protectie ctive factors did the family demonstrate? Incude backup and ideas of what could help military families and children using a strengths-based approach.
Similarities and the differences to other transitions experienced by families.

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The post Listen to the podcast NPR: first appeared on nursing writers.


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